4 benefits of using a foot spa machine


We all know that after a hard day at work or a strenuous workout at the gym, our feet deserve a little pampering. The best way to do so is to get a foot spa massage machine that helps us get rid of our swollen feet and relieve the pain. It’s important, though, to know the magical benefits this type of unit can provide for our overall body health.

First of all, you should learn that there are different types of massage techniques. There’s the traditional therapeutic one that relaxes your muscle and joints. Then there’s the acupressure massage that is able to increase the energy flow by applying pressure on certain points. Lastly, the aromatherapy spa machines come with scented oils that come in handy if you need to totally relax. Here are the unknown benefits of using a foot spa machine:

  1. It helps with flat feet and plantar fasciitis

Some people are born with an abnormal foot arch due to ligament laxity. So, their arch is forced to collapse, resulting in a mild physical pain that can increase after a while.

There are situations when the heel pain caused by the deterioration of the plantar fascia is chronic and makes people have difficulties to walk. The only solution to these problems is to have regular foot exercises along with a deep massage in the feet area. It’s important to use a device that applies strong pressure on the arch because it can reduce the pain significantly.  


  1. It improves circulation

Nowadays, the majority of people have a sedentary lifestyle because they don’t have time to exercise or walk. Therefore, the muscles aren’t accustomed to being used on a regular basis. So they get stiff and the circulation is scanty, especially if you add tight and uncomfortable shoes to the equation.

In order to prevent this health issues, you can establish a 15-20 minutes foot spa session each night, before going to bed. This way, you boost the circulation in lower extremities which is great for people that suffer from serious conditions, including diabetes.


  1. Helps prevent serious ankle and foot injuries

If you’ve suffered an accident in the past and you need recovery for your joints, a foot spa device enables the muscle soreness. In addition, if you combine the tool with foot and ankle strength exercises and a little bit of stretching, you can prevent future injuries and also speed up the recovery process.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

Thanks to the world we live in, women and men suffer from high blood pressure. Stress and bad diet are the main factors but sometimes genetics and the environment play an important role, as well. According to several studies, a 10-minute foot massage given at least 3 times a week can have major positive effects in lowering your blood pressure and reducing anxiety.